About Us

Quality Silver Bullion Mint

We are located in Orem, Utah and have over 13 years of experience in the minting business. Due to the high investment gains of silver, we have focused our minting efforts on producing silver bullion rounds and bars. Over the years we have refined this process to provide our customers with the highest quality silver bullion investments on the market. Our prices are very competitive, and we consistently seem to beat our competitors. Here are some of the reasons that we should be your FAVORITE MINT:


Quality Rounds

The images and finishes on our stamped silver pieces are unmatched in the industry. After being annealed at high temperatures to soften the silver, the rounds are pressed with one of our many silver bullion dies. Because our silver rounds are so soft, they fill each crevasse of the dies giving you a beautiful finish on each coin.


Guaranteed Weight


Each bullion round that we produce comes with a guarantee that it will be at least one Solid Troy Ounce. When weighed and graded, the rounds must meet the high expectations of .999+ purity, correct weight, and a clean polished finish that make them Quality Silver Bullion pieces.

Why is this important?


Customer Satisfaction


We believe in our product and we stand behind our minted silver pieces, but don’t just take our word for it; Look at the product reviews to see what our customers are saying about us. You can also watch videos of our customers showing off our products.


Quality Silver Bullion publishes a number of simple videos to inform the public of market information, and QSB’s latest promotions and products. Please stay a while and watch our videos.