Extra Inventory

We have extra inventory, and we want to offer it to you at a discounted price! All rounds are circulated or worn, but are guaranteed to be at least .999 fine silver, and weigh at least 1 troy ounce. Offer is first come, first served, and the list will be updated as soon as possible. To purchase any of these rounds, please give us a call at 866-334-4279 to place an order.



Quantity Available Product Price Above Spot
8 1.25 oz Canadian Buffalo $3.00
22 2016 Silver Kangaroo $1.50
13 1.5 oz Canadian Polar Bear $2.50
30 Philharmonics $1.25
35 Canadian Silver Maples $1.50
55 American Silver Eagles $2.50
11 2016 Canadian Superman $2.50
4 Canadian Lynx $1.50