Gold Buyers in Utah – Highest Prices Paid

Gold Buyers in Utah - Quality Silver BullionOf all the gold buyers in Utah, we will do our best to pay you the highest prices for your gold and silver. With so many “Cash for Gold” companies trying to buy your gold for the lowest price, it is hard to know who is being honest with you. QSB has been buying and selling gold and silver since 1999. The reason we are able to pay you such high prices compared to all of the other gold buyers in Utah, is because we are an end user of both Gold & Silver.

Two customers recently came in one day to sell a few gold necklaces. We tested the metal, weighed it, and quoted them the price we would pay for their gold. They looked at the price, then at each other, and then back at us. One of the customers then slid a piece of paper across the counter with the figures of what some other gold buyers in Utah quoted them for the same gold. Our quote was over $300 more that what the other company had quoted. Let Quality Silver Bullion give you a price for your gold and silver. We hope you will be as pleased as our current customers.

How to Sell to QSB Gold Buyers in Utah:

  1. Call 1-866-334-4279 to setup an appointment.
  2. Bring your Gold or Silver into our Orem store.
  3. Get a check or cash for your items.

(If you are not in Utah, we can also arrange to have your precious metals shipped to our location and we will send you payment via bank wire or check).

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