State Quarter Program

The 50 State Quarters® Program, the first circulating commemorative coin series authorized by the United States government since 1975, has been met with previously unheard of popularity for a general-issue circulating coin of the United States.

The Statehood Quarter program required the Mint to issue five quarters each year for 10 years to commemorate the 50 states in the order that they joined the Union. Each state would have its own commemorative design on the reverse of the coin, along with the date. Statehood and related quarters struck in the Philadelphia and Denver Mint for general circulation were distributed to local banks via the Federal Reserve System. The coins leave the Mint in large 1,000-coin bags, after which they are distributed in smaller quantities such as 40-coin rolls. Proofs from the San Francisco Mint were initially sold directly to collectors either individually or as part of that year’s proof sets.

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