Silver & Gold Testers

Because of a massive influx of Fake Gold and Fake Silver, it is causing investors to ask, “Are my precious metals real?” Obviously, it is important for investors and collectors to be careful when buying precious metals and coins, and that is why we carry a large supply of silver and gold testing equipment. This allows you to be more confident when buying your precious metals.

One method that Chinese counterfeiters are using to fool buyers is by plating. For example, this Chinese Company is selling a “2014 American Silver Eagle” coin for just $1.75 per coin at this Link. The piece says “1 oz Fine Silver” when in actuality it is made of solid brass with an extremly thin layer of silver. A novice or even an experienced investor, could buy this item thinking that they are getting a great deal on an Authentic Silver Eagle coin, when in actuality they are getting a piece of bras that is worth less than 30 cents. We recommend that you only buy your precious metals and coins from a reputable source, and as an added layer of protection, you can use some of this testing equipment to ensure that you don’t get fooled buy fake gold and silver.

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