Buy American Gold Buffalo

First issued in 2006, the American Gold Buffalo was the first pure gold bullion coin issued by the U.S. Mint. Struck in 24 karat gold (99.99%), it was the mint’s answer to the popular Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. It portrays James Earl Fraser’s 1913 designs for the 5-cent piece, or nickel. The obverse displays an Indian Chief on the obverse (a composite of three men: Iron Tail (Sioux); Big Tree (Kiowa); and Two Moons (Cheyenne). The reverse shows an American bison (the model was Black Diamond, from the Bronx Zoo). The result was what Fraser hoped to make; a totally 100% American coin. It was, and still is one of the most popular and beautiful designs to grace a circulating coin. The design was brought back 69 years after it was retired for the $50 gold coin, joining the Walking Liberty designs of Adolph Weinman and Augustus Saint-Gaudens on United States bullion coins.

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