Safes for Guns & Precious Metals

We are pleased to announce that we carry a line of bullion safes for storing precious metals, along with guns and ammunition. Theft has always been a concern for those that buy and store precious metals like gold and silver. There are many ideas and theories of what are the best ways to store gold and silver bullion. One of the oldest and most secure ways is to lock your valuables in a bullion or gun safe.

If you are serious about protecting and securing your precious metals, you need to be thinking in terms of multiple lines of defense. In other words, buying a safe is a good start, but you might also consider things like bolting the safe to the ground (very important!), disguising your safe, keeping your bullion in multiple places, adding a security system to your home, surveillance cameras, etc… This list can get extremely expensive, but you don’t have to be wealthy to be secure.

We offer a great selection of Bullion Safes / Guns Safes with different shapes, size, and prices so you can find the right one to fit your needs.

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