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In 2013 (MMXIII) a YouTube channel was started called the Junius Maltby Channel. Here, a community of individuals would come together to discuss precious metals, coins, sound money, humble living, being debt free, the news of the day, the economy, history and share a love for Freedom – Liberty – Libertas! The Junius Maltby Coin originated as a way to celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers, where the 1 oz. fine silver round could also serve as a challenge coin, reminding those who hold it of the discussions and principles we hold as a community. Now this coin is available as a 1/4 OZ. .9999 Fine Gold 20 mm bullion strike!
On the Obverse you see the face of Marsyas – who in Greek mythology was tied to a pole and flayed alive by the god Apollo after challenging the god to a musical contest. Marsyas was admired for his intelligence (sunesis) and self-control (sophrosune), not qualities found by Greeks in ordinary satyrs. Among the Romans, Marsyas was cast as the inventor of augury and a proponent of free speech (the philosophical concept παρρησία, “parrhesia“) and “speaking truth to power.” The earliest known representation of Marsyas at Rome stood for at least 300 years in the Roman Forum near or in the comitium, the space for political activity. The statue was regarded as an indicium libertatis, a symbol of liberty, and was associated with demonstrations of the plebs, or common people. It often served as a sort of kiosk upon which invective verse was posted. The obverse also states the weight and purity of the coin (“1/4 OZ. FINE GOLD .9999”) in place of where the name Junius Maltby existed on the Silver round. This was done at the request of Junius.

The Reverse displays the ancient cuneiform inscription for the Sumerian word “Amagi”. Ama-gi is a Sumerian word written 𒂼𒄄 ama-gi4 or 𒂼𒅈𒄄 ama-ar-gi4. It has been translated as “freedom”, as well as “manumission“, “exemption from debts or obligations”, and “the restoration of persons and property to their original status” including the remission of debts. Other interpretations include a “reversion to a previous state”[and release from debt, slavery, taxation or punishment.The word originates from the noun ama “mother” (sometimes with the enclitic dative case marker ar), and the present participle gi4 “return, restore, put back”, thus literally meaning “returning to mother”. Assyriologist Samuel Noah Kramer has identified it as the first known written reference to the concept of freedom. Referring to its literal meaning “return to the mother”, he wrote in 1963 that “we still do not know why this figure of speech came to be used for “freedom.”

The earliest known usage of the word was in the reforms of Urukagina.[7] By the Third Dynasty of Ur, it was used as a legal term for the manumission of individuals, (the act of a slave owner freeing his or her slaves).

It is related to the Akkadian word anduraāru(m), meaning “freedom”, “exemption” and “release from (debt) slavery”.

Also on the reverse are the latin words for Gold and Silver as well as Liberty (Aurum et Argentum) (Liberatas).

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 mm

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7 reviews for 1/4 oz. Junius Maltby .9999 Gold Rounds

  1. John G

    Rare beauty!

  2. Ryan Johnson (verified owner)

    Received Freedom Marsyas Coin and am 100% satisfied with design, QSB, and shipping. Thank you I highly recommend purchasing due to limited order amount.

  3. DW (verified owner)

    I received my Junius Maltby ¼ ounce coin yesterday and Love it!
    The quality is fanatic. The low mintage will make this a very collectable coin.
    Being 9999 Gold makes the color stand out. It is a great coin.

  4. Terry Campbell (verified owner)

    Very Nice Coin and Only 400 Minted Great Value.

  5. Tim Hanlon (verified owner)

    Great coin for a great channel.. Can’t say enough about this coin.

  6. Jose v. (verified owner)

    Beautiful coins, extremely low mintage, make this a great collectible would recommend to anyone. Should come with the COA, non-YouTubers are not familiar with the theme. Anticipate buying the silver version, great job.

  7. tonygosnell (verified owner)

    beautiful coin. the proportions in the gold coin just feel so right. i wish it was available in a 1oz, but the detail is so incredible in the 1/4oz that i am very pleased. i also purchased the silver round, but seeing them side by side. the gold is a must have. very glad i am among the few that will hold this limited release coin. great job QSB.

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