2016 Canada Silver SUPERMAN Maple Leaf Coin


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Product Description

Product Description

The 2016 Silver Superman Maple Leaf Coin is available now for purchase. As a premier bullion dealer, QSB is proud to be a re-seller of these beautiful 2016 Silver coins.
Details of the 2016 Silver Superman Coin:

The 2016 Silver Superman Coin was issued by the Royal Canadian Mint under license from DC Comics/Time Warner. They are struck in the same .9999 fine silver standard and the regular-issue Maple Leaf, and contain the same anti-counterfeiting devices – fine, radiant lines and laser-engraved maple leaf with miniature ’16’ inside. They are very popular, touching the collector interest of bullion buyers, as well as comic book collectors.

This coin has a Canadian $5 face value on the obverse under the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse features the iconic Superman logo in place of the Maple Leaf, along with the words, “.9999 fine silver 1 oz.” As always, the 2016 Silver Maple leaf coin will be eligible to put into your IRA Investment accounts.


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