2019 Chinese Silver Panda (30 grams) .999 Fine


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Product Description

Product Description

The 2019 Silver Panda coin features another great design of the Chinese Panda coin series. This Chinese silver coin is so popular because the design changes every year. Collectors will enjoy the beautiful image of a Panda mother and baby. The front of the 2019 silver Panda coin is keeping with the traditional image of the Hall of Prayers. This Edifice is also known as the Temple of Heaven which is located in Beijing. The Chinese characters along the top of the coin are translated to read, “People’s Republic of China” and this coin is guaranteed by the People’s Bank of China. Along the bottom of the coin shows the coin’s year of issue which is “2019.” This is the second year the Panda goes Metric, using grams for weight instead of troy ounces, which are more commonly used in Asia and Europe. The difference makes the coin 3.5% lighter than issues since troy oz. pieces were introduced, but 5.7% heavier than the first few years. The premium comes in the changing beauty of the designs, and the incredible quality of strike and finish. Comes in the original Government issued capsule.

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