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Product Description

The Bighorn Classic Safe is excellent for storing Guns and Valuables. In fact, we have personally used this model of safe at QSB for storing precious metals. It makes for an excellent silver and gold safe because of the different shelving and pouch options. The Bighorn Classic safe is also designed to secure and hold rifels, pistols, and gun ammunition. You will be receiving a Brand-New & Unused Bighorn Classic Safe.

Bighorn Classic Safe Specifications:

  • Dimensions 59″ x 28″ x 20″
  • Capacity: 19 cubic feet
  • 30 Minute Fire Protection
  • Coppervein exterior color with brass trim
  • Mocha Colored interior
  • 3 pt. handle on door
  • 8 1″ diameter locking bolts
  • Digital Keypad Combination Lock
  • Free Shipping to Lower 48 US States

Terms & Conditions for Shipment & Delivery of Bighorn Classic Safes:

Sometimes safes are damaged during shipment by one of our freight carriers and it is your responsibility to know when to reject the freight. Each safe is readied for shipment in its plastic cover, cardboard corner protectors and cardboard box. When we feel it is warranted, it may also have hardboard attached to all sides of the safe and shrink-wrapped. If you receive your shipment and notice the hardboard or cardboard box has been punctured or broken in any way, you should be wary of freight damage.
Inspect all safes upon delivery, noting any damage on the delivery receipt. If damages are not noted, there is limited recourse with the carrier. Possible freight damage may include fork-lift punctures. This will be obvious due to cracked or broken hardboard or cardboard box. Bent shipping feet can also be a sign of safe damage, drops, or mishandling but are not included as the actual safe, and therefore a safe cannot be refused due only to damaged shipping feet. Please be thorough in receiving freight. DO NOT let any other person who is unfamiliar with the proper method of receiving freight sign for the shipment until it has been checked. If you accept with damage, you are accepting the freight AS-IS. We do not give discounts for ANY freight damage- you must refuse all damaged freight. We will not accept freight returns unless they have been refused at time of delivery. If you refuse safes that are freight damaged, the freight company will be liable for all freight and will return the safes on the spot at their expense. If a safe(s) has been refused, please contact us for replacement.
At delivery, before the buyers signs the delivery receipt and lets the driver leave, they must:
1. Ensure they have received every piece noted on the packing slip.
2. Inspect every piece individually. Make sure the carton has no exterior damage.
    a. Damage to the carton would warrant further inspection prior to signing for the item.
    b. If any damage has been found, make detailed notes on the delivery receipt.
    c. The buyer has the right to refuse the shipment if there is any freight damage to the product. The driver will take the item back if the shipment is refused.
    d. If the buyer chooses to refuse the shipment for damage, please call us immediately at 1-866-334-4279 so that we may expedite a replacement.
    e. If the buyer chooses to accept the shipment with damage, they are accepting the product as-is. No discounts or credits will be given for damaged product. However, the buyer is eligible to file a claim with the carrier for damages.


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