1 oz Indian Head Buffalo Silver Rounds


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Product Description

The Buffalo Nickel design is one of today’s most popular designs for one troy ounce 999 fine silver rounds. Our 1 Troy Ounce 99.9% fine Buffalo silver round features the classic design of the Indian head on the obverse and the Buffalo on the reverse.

Also included in the design of our buffalo silver round is the mark of the “.999 fine silver”, and the one troy ounce symbol indicating that this silver bullion is high quality and the proper weight. We guarantee these Buffalo silver rounds to be at least one troy ounce because each round is individually weighed to ensure the proper weight. By doing a little research online, it is easy to see that many manufacturers produce underweight silver rounds and bars. You can rest easy knowing that these rounds are truly the highest quality. Each Buffalo round is 39mm in diameter.

Why One troy ounce 999 fine Silver Rounds?

There are many different sizes of silver to purchase, and investors are constantly looking for the best denomination. These Buffalo silver rounds are made to be One troy ounce 999 fine silver. The one troy ounce size is not as expensive as the smaller fractional pieces, yet they are very liquid which can be a problem with larger silver bars. With large silver bars and rounds, you are required to liquidate all at once, whereas the 1 troy oz rounds can be silver an ounce at a time. Overall, these One troy ounce 999 fine silver buffalo rounds are an excellent size of silver to purchase.

IRA Approved Buffalo Silver Rounds:

On top of being high quality, these buffalo silver rounds are also IRA Approved. Manufactured under the strict specifications of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, these silver rounds meet the IRS’s requirements for admitting precious metals into your Individual Retirement Accounts. Please contact us today about adding these buffalo silver rounds or other bullion into your IRA.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 39 × 39 mm

26 reviews for 1 oz Indian Head Buffalo Silver Rounds

  1. Steve

    Good looking rounds..super fast shipping and great customer service. Thanks QSB!

  2. billholb

    very nice rounds! super fast shipping ! THANKS JIM !

  3. Doc

    USPS missent my package so there was about a week delay on S/H, but that's their fault. The coins look great, shipping was fairly priced, and the price was good. Thanks QSB, I will buy more in the future!

  4. Daniel Villanova (verified owner)


  5. Josh N

    Excellent rounds without a doubt. This design is classic, and the rounds are brilliant!

  6. Dein

    Received 20 Indian Heads today. I must say I’m very pleased. I live outside the United States and had to forward the rounds to my country. I’m very thankful for the compact packaging; large packages are charged extra to ship if their dimensions exceed a certain amount compared to their weight.

    The rounds themselves are quite handsome. There was one round that had a slight clip on the edge, but it was barely noticeable, and otherwise very pretty. Excellent overall; I look forward to ordering more diverse rounds.

  7. Rich NY

    i just received my order. these are just as beautiful as the liberty rounds. i cant wait to order the panners next. these rounds are just superb. great job, just amazing.

  8. Mike

    Attention to detail is amazing. The characters really stand out. Other mints usually have rub marks due to coins bouncing around in the packaging. These were amazingly clear in their definition. Although there was a chip or two I found on 2 edges. Could turn out to be a mint trademark:) I cant say enough about the definition. Wow!!!

  9. Randall (verified owner)

    I received 20 Buffalos today. In a single word, Outstanding. WILL be back for more.

  10. Juneed K

    i received my order, beautiful rounds thanks guys.

  11. Doc

    Love these rounds. Great company, great products!

    If someone were to make a 1/2 oz version of this coin it would fly off the shelves. *wink wink*

  12. Vincent

    Just received my Indian head rounds. Beautiful! My order arrived one week after ordering and was securely packed. Thanks folks, will be back for more.

  13. Vincent

    Wanted to add that all my rounds arrived in new mint condition, very shiney. Also you get some mints with the order. I called the company and actually spoke to the owner, basically to say hello as I ordered more rounds the other night. Check out their videos on Youtube. This is an American company selling an American product. How many online bullion dealers are there where the owner answers the phone and is very polite and helpful. Also very important, they make their own rounds so there is no middle man. Their shipping and handling charges are the lowest I’ve seen anywhere, and I have bought bullion from a lot of different companies. Their videos show their plant and owner, so you are not buying from an unknown entity. Also the BBB gives them an A rating. QSB is my favorite mint.

  14. derek

    i picked up several of these buffalo rounds. they arrived very fast and were in great condition. i plan on ordering at least 80 more next month. and a bunch more every month after.

  15. Matt B. (verified owner)

    Superbly beautiful! A flawless take on a classic design. Keep up the good work!

  16. Kevin

    Nice rounds, very well struck! Has a great prooflike finish. I ordered ten out of your dutch auction because I wasn’t sure I would like them. However these rounds have surpassed my expectations! I will be back for more!

  17. -ROB-

    great service, fast shipping, beautiful rounds. thanks Jim, I will be purchasing again.

  18. Tony Lewis Jr. (verified owner)

    FORGET WHAT YOU HEARD! These Buffalo Rounds chirp like silver birds…okay, these rounds don’t chirp but a silver bird would be cool to look at and that’s exactly what these rounds are….very cool to look at. They also weighed in at 1 troy oz or more. What else do you need:


    I know I did.

  19. Joey

    BEAUTIFUL ROUNDS! fast delivery, great service, flawless to the eye. Definitely will be purchasing again. thanks QSB

  20. Michael (verified owner)

    Get you some before I get them all!!!!!!
    thanks QSB

  21. Jeremy (verified owner)

    First time using qsb and I can say I am 100% satisfied. The silver product is top of the line quality. The personalized service and flexible payment options is great. I am proud to have these rounds in my "savings account". I will be using qsb for all of my future acquisitions. Thanks Jim!

  22. Mike (verified owner)

    Bought 5 rolls. When they arrived, one roll was missing. Called up QSB and said a roll was missing. They advised they would check the cameras and call me back in five minutes. Got a call back in less than five minutes and they advised the cameras were down and would be sending me a extra roll. Roll arrived promptly. These folks don’t mess around. I will and have been back for more.

  23. N. Denton (verified owner)

    Received my rounds today. They are beautiful and they were promptly delivered. Packaging was very well done. Placing another order soon. Thank you.

  24. James C

    Best condition buffalo rounds I have ever seen I love them exactly what I was hoping for

  25. Chesney1

    My first silver purchase and for sure not my last. Great service, quick shipping and a top rate product. As a newbie I sent a few "dumb" questions via email. Elise responded in under 24 hours and in terms I could easily understand.

  26. Donny

    I have one but missing a front leg

    • Shaelie

      We do have two versions of this piece, one with four legs and one with three legs. We created the three legged one because of the buffalo nickel that was accidentally made this way.

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