France 20 Francs Gold (Rooster)


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One of the most iconic coins in the world, the French 20 Franc gold coin came out in 1899, and was so beautiful and representative of France, it was restruck for many years afterwards, using the dates of 1907-14. Struck in .900 fine gold, the coin has a representation of Marianne done by J.C. Chaplain on the obverse, with a border of fleur-de-lis and ovals around. The reverse shows the Rooster – long a symbol of France playing on the Latin name for France, “Gallia”, referring to the ancient people of France, the Gauls, and the Lain word for rooster, “Galli.” The coins contain 0.1867 troy ounces of pure gold with a gross weight of just over 1/5 of an ounce.
Always a popular gold bullion coin with a classic design. Dates our choice.


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