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This lot of cheap silver bullion includes discounted .999+ fine Silver from OUR CHOICE of Rounds and/or Bars in any size, shape, or condition. This means that the silver you receive from this listing will most likely be tarnished, scratched, marked, and from random manufacturers. We guarantee it to be at least .999 fine silver. When you order the number of troy ounces that you desire, we will send you that many ounces in .999 fine silver or better.

When you purchase this cheap silver, the pieces will be selected at random to equal the total number of ounces that you purchase. Use these images to indicate the types of silver you may receive, but please understand that other silver pieces might be included well. The silver you may receive may include but is not limited to: 1/10-oz, 1/2-oz, 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz, 100-oz sized pieces. Once again, the silver will be chosen at random when shipped and may or may not be minted by QSB.

Why is this such Cheap Silver?

We receive tens of thousands of ounces of silver every week to be melted down and re-manufactured. Some of the silver has already been minted in some form or another. Rather than melting these pieces down, we pass the savings onto you so you can take advantage of the cheap silver bullion.

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Weight 1 oz

4 reviews for Generic .999+ fine Silver by the oz | Cheap Silver Bullion

  1. bill

    it appears that THIS offer IS darn good for a novice buyer, best part is as per the cheap silver paragraph this is best , they sort and the buyer gets a darn good buy. we have given our rating at 4 for now and once we know first hand then we will make a 2nd review.

    • Kelly Finnegan

      We don’t get it in too often, but when we do, we post it and send out emails – first come, first served. I think you will enjoy them.

  2. James (verified owner)

    just received a silver eagle from this buy! I highly recommend making this purchase! There was absolutely nothing wrong with the piece I got it was beautiful!

  3. Kyle (verified owner)

    Wow!!! A Draper Mint round, in BU condition!!!! I’ve only seen them for sale a couple other times and they usually carry a high premium. Will buy again for sure. QSB is My new favorite online bullion store!!!!

  4. clgore54

    Excellent product and execution QSB! Very happy with the silver.

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