31mm Silver Protective Coin Tube for 1/2-oz rounds


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Note: With each QSB bullion purchase of 15 1/2-oz silver rounds or more you will receive a free protective coin tube.

These plastic coin tubes hold 15 QSB 1/2-oz Silver bullion rounds and protect them from most dinging and scratching. With each coin tube purchase we will provide you with two circular pads that cushion the coins from top to bottom and decreases rattling within the tube. The tubes are designed to hold 30mm and 31mm coins and rounds.

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Weight 3 oz

1 review for 31mm Silver Protective Coin Tube for 1/2-oz rounds

  1. santoku runner

    This polypropylene container is 5 cm. X 3.5 cm. X 3.5 cm. and just holds 15 each 1/2 ozt. QSB silver rounds with enough room for the foam pads on the top and bottom. Look at the top of this container and see the unique shape that will accommodate "rubber bands" to hold the top on. Very good value.

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