Liberty Silver Bar – .999 Silver 10 oz Bar


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Product Description

The Statue of Liberty stands as one of our nation’s greatest symbols of freedom,  and we are pleased to present to you these silver 10 oz bars with a beautiful 3D image of that symbol. The reverse features a unique repeating pattern, with a disguised mint mark inserted within the design. The Liberty Silver Bar will be a great addition to any investment portfolio because it is IRA Approved. Each bar is weighed to make sure each piece weighs 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.

Ten ounce silver bars are a great way to purchase silver. The Liberty silver bar is 2″ x 3.5″ with a thickness of around 1/4″. It would be easy to slip a few of these bars in your back pockets for easy transportation and relocation. Because of their relatively flat design,  bars are easy to stack, store, and even hide in small nooks and crannies for security.

Making Silver 10 oz Bars:

Long sticks of silver are cast and and then rolled to the correct thickness. The bar blanks are then punched from the strip in order to get the correct shape. Once punched, the blanks are individually weighed to make sure the weight is correct. All blanks that weigh less than 10 troy ounces are remelted. The good blanks are cleaned and polished so they will be ready to be pressed. Each 10 oz Liberty bar is pressed with over 800 tons of pressure on a hydraulic press. This ensures that the design will be clearly struck onto the bar.  The Silver 10 oz bar will then be packaged in a clear plastic bag cover for protection against fingerprinting and tarnishing.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 89 × 52 × 6 mm

8 reviews for Liberty Silver Bar – .999 Silver 10 oz Bar

  1. Greg Norton

    Thanks Jim for your high quality rounds and the opportunity to do business! I will anxiously await the arrive of these Liberty Bars!

  2. Greg Norton

    Thank you Jim for the opportunity to do business. I thank you for you business and may we all awake and arise to our awful situation! p.s. These Liberty Bars are going to be a great collection to my silver stack!

  3. Scott

    Thanks for the high quality silver bar. Hope to buy more from you soon!

  4. Jack

    Thanks. Easy to work with.

  5. Dale

    Just recieved my shipment of two Liberty Bars, they look great, and i like the fact that they are packeged in a shrink wrap. This will help protect them and keep them from tarnishing,

  6. John H

    Although not as pretty to look at as The Walking Liberty 1 ounce coins, these bars are top quality and packaged very tightly in shrink wrap for extra protection. I look forward to adding more to my collection.

  7. Scott (verified owner)

    Update form order 05/29/1012 My Silver bars have decided to turn pink/drown making them very ugly in the last two years. Had to drill one of my bars just to be sure that it wasn’t fake. Shouldn’t have to do that to begin with very disappointed.

    • Jim

      Hi Scott,
      We are sorry you are disappointed with your silver 10 oz bars. It sounds like this was because the packaging had opened up causing tarnishing. To avoid this we have redesigned our packaging to completely seal the bars in sheets as shown in the picture below. Thank you for your feedback that has made us rethink the packaging so this can be avoided in the future. If you need help with removing tarnish from your bars please let us know: 1-866-334-4279
      Liberty Silver 10 oz Bars in Sealed Plastic Sheets

  8. JJj

    You don’t drill your bars then leave 1 star after you find out they are real. What do you mean shouldn’t have to do that, you made yourself do that, don’t blame it on the silver.

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