39mm Coin Capsule Holders for Silver Rounds


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We sell a lot of 1 ounce silver rounds, and now we offer the option to purchase 39mm coin capsule holders to put them into. These Direct Fit capsule holders are designed to protect your 39mm 1-oz Silver rounds and prevent them from scratching and marring. These coin capsules also help prevent most tarnishing. If you have certain silver rounds that are precious to you, then protect them with these 39mm coin capsule holders.

These capsules may or may not be packaged individually, but we do guarantee that each 39mm coin capsule you purchase will be new and unused. Many of our customers buy capsules for all of their silver rounds, because they feel it will give them a better return on their investment with the special packaging – most importantly, it protects the coin or medal from potential damage that could significantly lower its value. Others just buy coin capsules for individual coins or rounds that they want to protect from damage or tarnish when they are displayed.

There is NO minimum purchase requirements for these 39mm coin capsules. We also offer bulk discounts when you purchase in volume – these discounts can be viewed on this page under the “Quantity Discounts” section.  If you have other sizes of coins, bars, medals or rounds that you are trying to encapsulate, please contact us and we will do our best to find you the correct size of capsule holder.


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 39 × 39 mm


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