Patriot Second Amendment Medallion – 1 AVDP oz COPPER Bullion round


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In a time where our Rights and privileges are being compromised, it is important for us citizens to stand together. One of those rights is clearly stated in the Second Amendment of the United States’ Constitution, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That right is currently being “infringed” and concerned people worldwide are purchasing guns and ammunition at record numbers. Barrack Obama recently announced 23 Executive Orders that would restrict American’s ability to buy and sell firearms.This Second Amendment Medallion is a commemorative piece minted in one ounce of high quality .999 fine copper. This Coin features the image of an American Patriot with Rifle in hand, standing in front of the Capital Building.  The front reads in bold letters “Second Amendment” near the edge of the coin.The reverse of the medallion features a design called “Don’t Tread on Me” derived from the Gadsden Flag, reminding Citizens to stand up for Gun Rights and protect the Second Amendment.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 39 × 39 mm

3 reviews for Patriot Second Amendment Medallion – 1 AVDP oz COPPER Bullion round

  1. John H

    I bought some of these to see what they looked like in hand. While copper is not the most valuable of the precious metals these coins are beautifully done and have sharp clear images that will not disappoint.

  2. Greg

    Interesting design and artful; more artful is how these guys convinced me to pay a dollar for a penny! Well played, gentlemen.

  3. Kelly Finnegan

    The cost of the copper medals is in the production, not the intrinsic value of the metal. Copper is not a precious metal, but a commodity. Thank you for your purchase. I have copper medals I have personally paid hundreds of dollars for, and still feel like I got a good deal, even though the scrap value is less than $1.

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