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NOTICE: This product will NOT be available after September 15th, 2019. Orders placed will ship after this date.

QSB is doing a final mintage of the 1 oz .999 fine silver Maltby rounds! We will be taking pre-orders for these rounds until September 15th.


In 2013 (MMXIII) a YouTube channel was started called the Junius Maltby Channel.  Here, a community of individuals would come together to discuss precious metals, coins, sound money, humble living, being debt free, the news of the day, the economy, history and share a love for Freedom – Liberty – Libertas!  The Junius Maltby Coin originated as a way to celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers, where the 1 oz. fine silver round could also serve as a challenge coin, reminding those who hold it of the discussions and principles we hold as a community.

On the Obverse you see the face of Marsyas – who in Greek mythology was tied to a pole and flayed alive by the god Apollo after challenging the god to a musical contest.  Marsyas was admired for his intelligence (sunesis) and self-control (sophrosune), not qualities found by Greeks in ordinary satyrs.  Among the Romans, Marsyas was cast as the inventor of augury and a proponent of free speech (the philosophical concept παρρησία, “parrhesia“) and “speaking truth to power.” The earliest known representation of Marsyas at Rome stood for at least 300 years in the Roman Forum near or in the comitium, the space for political activity. The statue was regarded as an indicium libertatis, a symbol of liberty, and was associated with demonstrations of the plebs, or common people. It often served as a sort of kiosk upon which invective verse was posted.

The Reverse displays the ancient cuneiform inscription for the Sumerian word “Amagi”.  Ama-gi is a Sumerian word written 𒂼𒄄 ama-gi4 or 𒂼𒅈𒄄 ama-ar-gi4. It has been translated as “freedom”, as well as “manumission“, “exemption from debts or obligations”, and “the restoration of persons and property to their original status” including the remission of debts.  Other interpretations include a “reversion to a previous state”[and release from debt, slavery, taxation or punishment.The word originates from the noun ama “mother” (sometimes with the enclitic dative case marker ar), and the present participle gi4 “return, restore, put back”, thus literally meaning “returning to mother”.  Assyriologist Samuel Noah Kramer has identified it as the first known written reference to the concept of freedom. Referring to its literal meaning “return to the mother”, he wrote in 1963 that “we still do not know why this figure of speech came to be used for “freedom.”

The earliest known usage of the word was in the reforms of Urukagina.[7] By the Third Dynasty of Ur, it was used as a legal term for the manumission of individuals, (the act of a slave owner freeing his or her slaves).

It is related to the Akkadian word anduraāru(m), meaning “freedom”, “exemption” and “release from (debt) slavery”.

Also on the reverse are the latin words for Gold and Silver as well as Liberty (Aurum et Argentum) (Liberatas).

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Idea, Design, Creation, and Minting process

Customer Reviews & Unboxing Playlist

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 39 × 39 mm

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32 reviews for 1 oz. Junius Maltby .999 Silver Rounds

  1. bob

    5 star coin.

  2. John Pipolo

    Very anxious to receive my coins. A beautiful design chock full of symbolism, history and metaphor, as all great precious metal coins should be.

  3. Mia

    Can’t wait!

  4. John (verified owner)

    Looking forward to receiving these rounds. I am impressed with the design, how it harkens back to a time when coins were full of symbolism, metaphor and history, rooted in Greco-Roman art and mythology. This coin has all of that plus the ancient Sumerian Amagi symbol. Pretty impressive.

  5. David Wiles

    Proof that we are a member!

  6. Josh (verified owner)

    Classical design with symbolism and meaning. Great coin.

  7. Michael Query

    I look forward to receiving these fantastic coins! I like the design and meanings of the symbols on the coin and the way it was developed! I look forward to giving them to friends and family that I am waking up, from the fog of lies from the financial press.

  8. Conway Yury

    I’m very impressed! Awesome job! I’ve pre-ordered my coins and I will be ordering more.

  9. Kozmic Karma Koala (Sweet Koala of Mirth)

    Looking forward to it. Fabulous design Junius ! ~;)

  10. Greg

    These are bound to be limited quantity, rare, hard to find and very worth owning.

  11. Hellel

    Wonderful coins, I absolutely adore the cuneiform sigil on the back.

  12. Doug Reginald

    I’m very impressed, great job like this coin very nice strikeing, and design, and jm is a youtube bitatch cool coin with great elements

  13. JP (verified owner)

    Better than pictured. Amazing finish and detail. Some of these are actually near proof-like in appearance. Gorgeous strike, impeccable. Well packaged and fast shipping. Thank you.

  14. Drew Scott (verified owner)

    Great looking coin. I have it displayed in my stack, so I can see it and be reminded that gold and silver equil liberty.

  15. Mike Lilienthal (verified owner)

    Very nice round. QSB did a great job on it!

  16. Adam Fritsch (verified owner)

    Excellent product, received yesterday. Beautiful design, will be ordering more soon.

  17. John G

    Great coin! Proud owner – the meaning of the round really puts it over the top!

  18. Nick (verified owner)

    The face looks great and I like the satin finish on the obverse.

  19. JZ

    New to your channel, though I recall an episode in which you “pounded the table” on how important it was and is, to buy as close to spot as possible. The coin is beautiful….Though not even close to spot for it being a round. Maybe some could clarify for me as I’m new around here. Thx

  20. Chris (verified owner)

    Great job QSB. I received my round two days ago. There is nothing better than carrying a round in my pocket that was created from a group of strangers that have together from a common interest, ideas and ideals which has transformed into a brotherhood. I am proud to be a carrier of this round.

  21. bob devoe

    trash, you’re only accepting positive reviews. shame.

  22. Salivate Metal

    Incredible sharp detail on this piece that captures the meaning of what Junius Maltby is all about. I am honored to own this piece. Regency Mint and QSB delivered a great product!

  23. Junius Maltby (verified owner)

    @JZ We knew this would be more than “spot” as a custom made, custom ordered piece. The intention was not to use this as a pure investment vehicle/hedge bullion item – but as a “challenge” coin that united the members of the channel. This coin was not intended for the entire “stacking community”, although I am glad to see some have come to learn of the symbolism and meaning and enjoy it for that. I would never tell anyone to buy 1000 of these as a silver investment – although the price would come down in volume as is reflected above. If you had read the pdf on the coin and been aware of its creation from the inception, you would clearly understand that this was never about merely acquiring silver as cheap as possible. That was never even passed off as the goal here.

    QSB surpassed any expectations any of us had for this coin. Not only were we assigned a world renowned artist, Luigi Badia, to sculpt Marsyas, we were also given personal customer service and attention to detail to ensure the coin turned out not exactly as planned – far better. QSB is the only mint I would recommend for any custom work or design. Truly top notch service and exemplary products. Amazing people. Thank you QSB for making what was a mere dream that became an idea into a reality. You have impressed us all worldwide.

  24. Jeffrey Bromfield (verified owner)

    I have one of these coins and was very impressed at the quality. Exceeded my expectations for a privately minted round. The symbolism and meaning are hard to find in other coins. I plan to order 2 or 3 more of these beautiful coins.

  25. Pit Bullion (verified owner)

    Got my rounds in. Can’t say enough about them. Yhe design strike and price are just right. Also I am a big fan of his youtube channel. Real eye opening stuff without the craziness. Just real facts. Thanks Mr. Maltby!!!

  26. J (verified owner)

    Nice coins
    Would buy again

  27. MrZeke (verified owner)

    Got my first Maltby round in the mail and love it. There is so much expressed in the design, I would love for more of the rounds out there focused on the meaningful designs! Thanks for producing this round to add to my stack!

  28. Stackin Ag47 (verified owner)

    I believe that this round is on the same level as the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Mapleleaf, or any other of your high-end generic rounds on the market. The simple messages on the back of gold and silver, freedom, and liberty in multiple languages allows the craftsmanship of the sculpting of Marsyas to come out to a level of detail that rivals the above listed coins. The message behind the coin is even better because the round was designed with health through the community. The dies were struck because of help from funding through the community. And working with a quality mint and having community supported distributing makes for a very successful endeavor on multiple levels. A very beautiful coin at a very affordable cost.

  29. R* (verified owner)

    Very cool and nice coin I have 2 , thank you.

  30. PTP (verified owner)

    Beautiful clean looking Round came in Great Condition! Looking forward to the Gold one!:)))

  31. Amy Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous piece!! So happy to have a piece of the history of Junius and the history behind the coin! Thank you!!

  32. Leon (verified owner)

    Well I placed a order for Maltby after I emailed asking how long would it take since he was a backorder . I received a email back saying they had 7-8 of them . Been a week now & the status is he’s on backorder . I sure hope I get him by flag day June 14 which will be my 65 birthday . That’s not why I wanted him . I’m going to gift him to a great buddy that I’ve known since my childhood .He’s a Vietnam vet who has physical problems because he was exposed to Agent Orange. I thought it would be a nice jester for flag day . Still given 5 stars because I’ve bought here a few times before & every thing was always perfect .Shoot knowing my luck someone probably scarfed them all up like a bogart . I wish all Peace , Love & Happiness
    Leon Tucker

    • Shaelie

      Leon, Please check your emails for my response on this piece. I have responded several times already, so they may be going to your junk/spam folder.

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