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DISCOUNT PSIW2418: $599 if picked up in Orem, Utah

The Rhino IronWorks PSIW2418 personal safe is the fire hydrant that no one wants to mess with.  With its low center of gravity, and ability to be bolted to any floor, it takes away a thief’s two main ways of breaking into a safe – knock it over and pry the door open, or pick it up and put it in the truck and open it somewhere else.

Because if it’s beautiful rustic design, it can double as a piece of furniture. Our customers have used these PSIW2418 Safes as Nightstands, coffee tables, and some just buy the safes as pure decoration. The Rhino Iron works safe is truly unique.

Weighing 175 lbs. empty with 4.0 cubic feet of storage space (24″High x 18″Wide x 16″Deep), it has room to hold your most valuable possessions.  It is made of 12 gauge steel, and has a fire rating of 40 minutes @ 1200 degrees.  Fitted with external reinforcements; anti-punch and anti-drill bolt work; heat-activated door seal; distressed natural finish with tough clear coating; pre-drilled to bolt to floor; heavy-duty external hinges that allow 180 degree opening for great access. Limited Warranty – See owner’s manual for details.

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Weight 175 oz
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 24 mm


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