Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Replica Series 2 – 1 oz .999 Silver Round


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Product Description

Series 2 Baseball Coins:

Baseball Hall of Fame Coin replicaThese are the 2nd Series in our replica Curved baseball hall of fame coin designs, after the first was ended with a die cracking. Modifications have been made to lower the relief of the design, and to make it look more like the actual 2014 BHOF Dollars.

The lettering is raised rather than being sunk into the design, and there is a roman numeral “XIV” near the bottom of the reverse to note that the die was engraved in (20)14. The mintmark is a raised Star with an incused “R”, for Regency Mint, who struck the pieces. They come with a reeded edge.

These are a great piece to give as a gift to your favorite baseball player or fan, and they are sold at a fraction of the cost of the actual baseball hall of fame coins. If you would like for this baseball round to come packaged in a clear acrylic coin capsule like the picture to the right, then just click the circle for the special packaging.

ANACS Grading of our Replica Baseball Hall of Fame Coins

You will notice an image of one of our Series 1 prototype baseball rounds that was graded and slabbed by  ANACS. Please recognize that this listing of Series 2 baseball hall of fame coin replicas will NOT come like this. If you are interested in this service please contact ANACS for details.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 39 × 39 mm

3 reviews for Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Replica Series 2 – 1 oz .999 Silver Round

  1. Leon

    Just received my hall of fame coin replica. I can not believe how quickly it arrived. I ordered it on Sunday shipped Monday and it was delivered today Wed. What a great looking round opps curve. After looking at it I can understand how it would be difficult to manufacture. I give this a 10 out of five. I just wish that I would have found you earlier to get one of the cracked one also. No doubt it is proof like. Peace, Love & Happiness to all.

  2. Rob Greene

    I do not have this beautiful piece, but I wanted to give "PROPS" to Jim and Co. for stepping up their game! This is very impressive, and PROVES that QSB is a premier mint!!!

  3. Bill N

    Just received my order of 12 HOF rounds…couldn’t be more pleased! Excellent quality(looks better in hand), speedy shipment and great customer service. Definitely will be back.

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