.999 Silver Shot Casting Grain (500 troy oz Bag)


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This silver shot is .999 fine, and is being sold in 500 troy ounce bags. Quality Silver Bullion is an industry user of .999+ fine silver casting grain to manufacture our bullion products. We process hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver shot casting grain through our minting process. Because we are an end user of silver shot and silver casting grain, we can offer it to our customers at a discounted rate. This grain shot comes in small BB sized pellets. These pure silver pellets come in irregular odd-shaped sizes, and are primarily used for manufacturing instead of investment. Please be aware that when selling this silver shot back to us, an assay may be required in order to guarantee the purity.

Uses for Bulk Silver Shot Casting Grain:

  • Make your own Silver Jewelry.
  • Pour Custom & Unique .999 fine Silver Bars and ingots.
  • Create your own alloys by mixing Pure silver shot with other metals.
  • Spin Casting applications.

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Weight 500 oz

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