Swiss 20 Francs Gold (0.1867 oz. AGW)


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Known as the Swiss Miss or Vreneli (a name for legal tender gold coins in Switzerland), the 20 Franc gold coin from Switzerland is one of the world’s most popular gold bullion coins. Struck in .900 fine gold, the coin contains 0.1867 troy ounces of pure gold. They debuted in 1897, and were minted until 1936, and then struck in 1947 and 1949. The coin is so popular, it has been restruck several times – all coins dated after 1936 are restrikes. Mintmarks are ‘B’ for Bern; ‘BB’ for Brussels; ‘AB’ for Strasbourg; ‘A’ for Paris; and ‘LB’ for “Lingot” (bullion) Bern.
They have an edge of raised stars, which add to the difficulty in making counterfeits. Dates our choice.


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