Quality Silver Bullion
SILVER: $24.17
GOLD: $2,019.96
SILVER: $24.17
GOLD: $2,019.96

By watching our videos you will definitely be able to tell that we are NOT professional filmmakers, but through our videos, we try to help our customers gain knowledge about silver, gold, and other precious metals. We try to take you inside our mint so you can better understand Quality Silver Bullion and what we do.

If you should have questions or suggestions for future videos, please click here and submit an inquiry. While we cannot fulfill all of the requests, we will do our best to make videos that will teach you more about QSB and our products, as well as general information about the precious metal markets.

New videos coming soon!

Until then, enjoy some of these classics

  • Coin Minting Process  How are Silver Bullion Coins, Rounds, and Bars made? Watch this video to see the entire minting Process from…
  • People are Buying Goods with Silver and Gold  In this video you will see people buy goods with Gold and Silver. On Thursday April 12, 2012 Governor Gary Herbert of Utah, signs House Bill 157 Making it legal for Gold & Silver to be…
  • SILVER vs the World – Television  A great majority of the US population has invested in at least one Television, but less than 2% of the world population has invested in silver. Will the TV or the SILVER win this battle?
  • SILVER vs the World – Fast Food We staged a fight between Silver Bullion and Fast Food to show people why they should consider investing in silver. You might even get a good laugh out of it.

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