1-troy oz Divisible Gold Panner .999 fine Silver Bullion Rounds


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R1GP. Available on backorder 39 × 39 mm 1 oz , , .


New 2023 Design

This 1-oz divisible silver round features a serene image of a Gold Panner in a peaceful wilderness setting panning gold from a river. This simple man on the coin represents each precious metal investor in some way or another. Economic struggles worldwide have turned men and women to invest in silver, creating for themselves their own type of “Gold Standard.” These one troy ounce .999 silver rounds are divisible, which means they are scored in the middle to allow you to break them up into four separate pieces. On each quarter of the rounds are the words “1/4 Troy Ounce” and “.999 Fine Silver.” This will allow you to divide them for bartering and easy liquidation, and still have the purity marks and the silver weight content on each individual section. Some of you might wonder if this round is worth having, but Divisible Silver has been in circulation for centuries.

The old Spanish “Real de a ocho,” otherwise known as “Pieces of Eight” was an old Spanish coin worth eight reales. This coin was divided into eight smaller sections to use for bartering and trading. The coins were used worldwide as currency, including in the United States up until 1857. QSB presents its new divisible one ounce round to perform exactly that function of getting you the most for your money.

Many experts and economists agree that it is only a matter of time before paper fiat currency is devalued until it is destroyed. It is now the time to turn to silver bullion as your protection against this destruction. This QSB 1-oz Divisible Silver round is the perfect silver to own when it really counts.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 39 × 39 mm