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SILVER: $32.06
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SILVER: $32.06
GOLD: $2,339.98

1-troy oz. Walking Liberty .999 fine Silver Bullion round


(55 customer reviews)
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1 – 19 35.89 34.51
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100 – 499 35.27 33.91
500 + 34.85 33.51

Product Reviews

55 reviews for 1-troy oz. Walking Liberty .999 fine Silver Bullion round

  1. C.R. – Holly Springs, GA

    Picked up Walking Liberty coins today. Absolutely gorgeous coins. As nice or better than any rounds I have ever bought. Thanks for fast shipping and good communications that let me know what is happening. Would guess coin will be a good seller

  2. Chris Krafft

    SilverIsMoney (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful coin. QSP delivered in a timely manner and I've received several compliments on the quality and finish of this coin. Keep it up guys!

  3. Gregory Granville

    Greg (verified owner)

    Great looking rounds and nice packaging. The coins were cleanly struck and the weight is very consistent. My scale shows them to be identical to US Silver Eagles – both just barely over a troy ounce. Quite a change from inconsistent weights and poor quality of the Silver Buffalos I'd been getting from a large company in FL.
    These walking liberties are a copy of the walking liberty half dollar which is a beautiful design. The quality is excellent and I'm sure I'll be buying more.

  4. Stephen Turner


    Received a tube of these today that I ordered from QSB's Dutch auction. Very nice looking round and they got them to me fast! Will definitely be ordering more QSB products in the near future.

  5. Brian Cain

    Brian Cain Mustang, OK (verified owner)

    OMG!!!!! What Exceptional service…Jim your awesome!!! That was the fastest shippent…2 days and it was here. I WILL buy again.

  6. lucky

    great rounds i picked up a roll and was totally impressed plus excellent shipping jim is awsome thanks again.

  7. Jeff Akin

    Jeff (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful rounds…fast shipping…excellent quality…I will be a repeat customer!

  8. Jim n.y.

    just to let you know the walking liberty rounds were delivered today beautiful coin!! and the transaction was professional and and everything i had expected after our phone conversations jim, looking forward to our future business please add this to your testimonials it's my pleasure to recommend your company
    thank you

  9. Matt M, St. Louis

    First class product and buying experience. All around excellence, expect nothing less. WARNING QSB does cause silver addiction, but these days that's an advantage.

  10. Daniel Villanova

    Daniel Villanova (verified owner)


  11. Anothercoilgun

    I was wrong. Some one mentioned the 1 oz were not as shiny as the 1/2 oz. We were both wrong. I am glad I did not put it off any longer to get the 1 oz Walking Liberties. In my opinion these 1 oz are BETTER than the 1/2 oz version. These rounds are incredible. The finish is nearly mirror. One strike away from proof quality. I’d take these any day over the U.S. mint coin, any day!

    Thanks and keep up the great work here at QSB.

  12. manuel corchero

    Manny C (verified owner)

    Just got my first order from QSB. Bought 10 1 oz. coins and 2 half oz. coins.the quality is by far the best silver rounds I have ever bought.I have been buying bullion for 3 years now,and noboby can match the quality and super fast shipping as QSB.
    This is a outstanding Company.I WILL BUY AGAIN

  13. Josh N

    This round is absolutely untouchable in comparison to other rounds out there – it’s strikingly beautiful. I am very impressed.

  14. Richard Butler

    Rich NY (verified owner)

    i received my order the other day. These coins are beautiful. So much more so than the actual silver eagle coin. I was so impressed I actually gave a few away to people I know to show them how nice they are and to get them to get some of their own. The web pictures do not do these rounds justice. Just superb. Great Job. I cant wait to receive my next order. You can’t go wrong. ….maybe it would have been easier for me to just say…WOW

  15. John

    I just received these rounds today. I must say they look nicer than my American Eagles or Canadian Maples. They really shine, and their packaging tubes are better than what Government Mints have. You can really tell that QSB put pride and love into making these rounds. If I had to do buy my bullion all over again I would skip Government Bullion and just buy these.

  16. Wendell Norman Jr

    Dell (verified owner)

    From start to finish the service (and product) is outstanding. Placed my first order on a Friday for a few 1 oz and half oz. Walking Liberties and received them the following Monday. When compared to other bullion dealers I’ve waited weeks on occasion for my order to be processed and shipped. Goodbye "Checked into B Vault" blues!

    As for the order itself, package was nicely wrapped yet thankfully plain looking. I enjoyed the shrink wrap around the coin tubes instead of the sticky, messy, difficult tape some dealers utilize. Upon opening the tubes I discovered some of the most beautiful silver rounds I have ever laid eyes upon. Seriously, I don’t know what this mint does differently, but the detail, shine, and over all look of their rounds are superb.

    I hate how commercialized this review sounds, but I really want this mint to stick around so I can continue buying from them; thus, if putting in a good word here helps in keeping them afloat, then it’s well worth my time.

  17. Maurice

    I just got my order in today, and I must say, I was impressed with the quality of the bullion rounds. Additionally, the service I recieved when I placed my order was exceptional. I placed my order close to the end of business on Monday, and recieved my order Thursday. QSB definitely has gained one more loyal customer. Thanks for the excellent product and service.

  18. Randy Card

    Randy C (verified owner)

    I Received my rounds today, they were shipped very quickly, and again the quality of these rounds is second to none.
    I weighed over 20 of them and found the weight to be exactly 1 troy ounce with a couple slightly above, I have never witnessed such consistency from any other bullion dealer .
    I am totally impressed with QSB quality and service,

  19. Sedge

    Absolutely Fabulous!!! From the Great Customer Service to the shipping time and the Unveiling of these coins was SMOOTH as can be. The coins are Beautiful and have a great eye appeal. QSB sure knows how to do some business and how to treat there customers, and there coins are just stunning. I will buy again and recommend this company to All my Friends 🙂 thank you !!!

  20. Stephanie  Bratton

    Steph (verified owner)

    I just got 20 of these in the mail today. These are much better than the government bullion coins! I am definitely going to buy from QSB again. Overall the best prices on the internet, and i got a code for free s/h, adding to that, the shipping speed/quality was amazing! Their silver rounds are the best quality I’ve seen in a while, and I’m looking forward to getting more of their designs.

  21. Blair Chamberlain

    Wassausmon (verified owner)

    QSB Walking Liberties are the most attractive bullion rounds I have seen, even when compared to the US Mint Silver Eagles. A classic look and a quality product. Good work Jim and I hope that you can keep up with the demand. My second and third orders have already been submitted.

  22. Aaron

    Great looking rounds! The edges were inconsistent on my order. Jim is a stand up guy though, and sent replacement rounds the same day I called, and with no charge! Can’t ask for better service than that. My next silver purchase will probably be from QSB.

  23. Juneed K

    i received my order 1 word to describe them outstanding rounds thanks QSB.

  24. michael lussier

    Oh yeah!! Just got my first shipment of the Walking Libertires in today and these are beautiful. Can’t wait to put in another oder. A+ QSB!!

  25. John D

    I cant believe i bought these for only $18 a while back look at them now. Wow, i made a good investment cool!

  26. Trebor

    I received 40 1 oz bullion coins in 2 tubes today. I compared one of the coins to my silver eagle coins. I was really astonished that the qsb bullion coin was so much better looking coin then the silver eagle coin. Being the standard issue coin it was in comparison to a mint proof coin. They are really beautiful bullion rounds. I plan to buy additional coins in the near future.

  27. Denmason

    Received my order yesterday. The rounds are beautiful as usual. Once again QSB comes through and I look forward to doing more business with them in the near future. Thanks again Jim.

  28. Nelson Marrero


    Just got mine an hour ago and I must say ,I’m very happy with the quality A-

  29. Abbas Virji

    Abbas Virji (verified owner)

    Superb Service.. Received coins intact..
    Perfect Quality Silver Bullion!…

  30. Matt Bratchie

    Matt B. (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning rounds! Will most definitely purchase from QSB again. Thanks!

  31. Eric

    Absolutely beautiful rounds. The weight of all 20 rounds I purchased were spot on. Jim and the rest of the team provide the best customer support and service in the bullion industry. Quality Silver bullion has made me a lifetime customer.

  32. Eric

    Purchased 20 of these walking liberty rounds. Absolutely beautiful rounds and not a single round was under weight. Shipping was very fast and the packaging was very secure. Jim and the rest of the team provide the best customer service and support in the bullion industry. Quality Silver Bullion has made me a lifetime customer.

  33. Todd Gillenwaters

    Todd (verified owner)

    Just received my roll of 1oz walking liberty rounds, very nice! they are much more eye-catching than the standard American Silver Eagle

  34. Tony Lewis Jr.

    Tony Lewis Jr. (verified owner)

    JUST BUY THESE LIBERTY ROUNDS ALREADY!! You will absolutely love them.

    Every round was 1troy oz or more and very pleasant to the eye. What a great job QSB. I will definitely place future orders.

  35. Eddie

    These rounds explain themselves an American beauty. They arrived fast even through the recent Easter holiday. Thank you QSB

  36. Tim Beaty

    Tim (verified owner)

    I’ve placed several orders with QSB. Libertys, 1/2 Libertys and Buffalos. Always satisfied with the order process and delivery time. Jim and his staff are always available to answer any question you may have. Quality product and quality service at fair market prices.

  37. Mike Sharkey


    Just received my coins in the mail. Very well wrapped and beautiful. Excellent transaction. A+

    Loved the Lifesavers. I actually laughed out loud. Haha.

  38. James

    I’ve ordered quite a few of these this year, and the quality is always very good to excellent. Weight has always been at–or slightly above–one troy ounce. Overall, I’ve been very pleased, although the premium is getting to be a bit ridiculous these days and the spot quote is always higher than the live spot by 15-20 cents (half a percent?)…it wasn’t that way earlier in the year.

    Like I said, though: overall, I’m pretty satisfied.

    For John (or those reading his comments): they do seem to be spotty with general questions if you use the contact e-form…but they will get back to you within 24 hours if you have an order question which I really appreciate.

  39. daniel arace

    dan (verified owner)

    excellent transaction again ….i agree premium is getting high…but what isn’t

    keep stackin..good luck


    PETER (verified owner)


  41. Lee

    Having ordered from four different suppliers, none match the fast delivery of QSB. My future buys will all be with you folks. The quality is unsurpassed as well. Thank you

  42. Joseph

    I was not familiar with QSB and was skeptical. It took a couple of conversations with Jim before I pulled the trigger. I received Walking Liberty and Morgan rounds a while back and the quality was great. Compared to other places I found the pricing to be good as well. Would definitly buy from QSB again.

  43. Edward W Brown


    I just got ten of these beauties on the latest Dutch Auction.
    Very nice coins, beautifully made! Very fast shipping!

    5 Stars!

  44. Eddie M.

    my favorite side of the this coin is the eagle on the backside. looks awesome!great design and reasonable prices. this coin looks like the brother of the American silver eagle. if you like ASE’s your gonna enjoy having these coins in you’re collection!

  45. Mark McCammon

    Mark McCammon (verified owner)

    I’m a first time buyer and QSB is incredible

  46. Jason Hunt


    First time buyer from QSB. Great prices and super fast shipping. I’ll be back.

  47. Troy wilson

    Troy (verified owner)

    Bought some one ounce and fractional tenth ounce from QSB today. This is the third order I have placed with Jim in the last year or so and no complaints great people and service. The quality of their products are outstanding. Keep up the great job. I will be back for more.

  48. Dawn McCraw

    DRM (verified owner)

    I placed and received my first order from QSB this month after a great deal of online research and I am beyond pleased with the entire transaction and product. They are beautiful coins.

    Thank you.

  49. John Hammond

    John H (verified owner)

    I just recently started collecting silver, and I must say these
    rounds are the best things in my safe. I may get some bars eventually as well. I haven’t yet purely because I love the look of these so much I just keep wanting more.

  50. Jrc

    Got my coins today, all pristine and well packed. Gorgeous designs, a true pleasure to look at them. Great first buy, will come back soon. Thanks!

  51. Charles Jones

    Todd (verified owner)

    First time buyer for QSB. I ordered 5 one ounce rounds just to check these guys out. I received the rounds today and I must say they are fabulous! I have purchased generic rounds from several private mints and these are by far the nicest, highest quality of all that I have tried so far. I weighed each one and all 5 weighed slightly over 1 troy ounce. I am very happy and will be placing more orders in the future.


    QSB is my mint of choice. I purchase a couple of times per month and Kelly insures my order is handled quickly and efficiently.
    The quality of my silver rounds is top notch, I am pleased with every aspect concerning my purchases and my order is usually in my hands in two days.
    I purchased from another mint and those orders were arriving 2 or 3 weeks after my order was paid for.
    I am totally pleased with QSB and I have no reason to consider going anywhere else.
    Thanks guys…

  53. Herb Brindley

    I have bought from Jim and was always very pleased with my purchase. Jim is a great person to deal with and product is beautiful and arrives in no time. 5+ in my book. I have recommended QSB to many friends.

  54. Billy Donovan


    I’m in complete shock reading all these rave reviews about this walking liberty, I purchased 28 of these for my first ever Silver order and when I got them the spots all over them I just thought were normal as I didnt know any better, Now after purchasing other Silver and having a fairly large amount I must say these 28 ounces are the runt of my litter and the worst quality of anything I’ve seen, Every one had what appears to be a thumb mark or some sort of dull stain on the reverse side in the middle of the eagle the size of a thumb and the spotting on the front is awful, looks like the top layer is pealing off. Reading these reviews makes me wonder if I just ended up with a bad batch, I wish I knew then what I know now as I would have returned these immediately.

    • Kelly Finnegan

      Kelly Finnegan

      What is the order number, and when did you order these? I tried looking you up in our system by your email, but it didn’t show any orders under your email address. If these were new product, they should not have been sent out. The pieces are only handled with nitrile gloves, so there shouldn’t be any finger prints, etc. unless you ordered generic silver, which can be handled.


  55. Billy Donovan


    In reply to Kelly: The order number was #12840 (under another email) and the order was actually 31 ounces of this walking liberty not 28 (Gave a few away). The order was a few years back hence the had I known then what I know now about silver and what I should expect when ordering. Each walking liberty I received had obvious smudge on both sides like someone pinched them with their finger and thumb, and just a very poor quality compared to other “generic” silver rounds I’ve purchased since this order (Via other mints), they have been enclosed in airtites since the day they were delivered, either way reading these reviews makes me believe I must have received a batch or thats just how these are handled and wanted to express my experience with QSB to potential buyers and new buyers that may read the reviews before purchasing.

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