With the rising spot prices, are you concerned about the liquidity of your big bars and old bullion? There is no need to cut up your bars into tacky chunks with a hacksaw when we can mint it into mint fresh bullion rounds for you. Send us your 1000-oz, 100-oz, 10-oz bars, or any odd-weight bars to be minted into smaller, more attractive rounds of various designs. Even if you have tarnished old scuffed silver rounds that you want to trade in for shiny new ones – we can do that as well.

Do you have some Sterling Silver pieces (.925 fine) from the Franklin Mint, or old silver flatware?  We can convert that to .999 fine silver bullion products too!  Call for pricing. Choose from a variety of Quality Silver Bullion’s mint-fresh .999 silver products. Read below to see how conversion works in just three easy steps:

Bullion Conversion Pricing

# of Ounces
1-oz Rounds
1/2-oz Rounds
1/4-oz Rounds
1/10-oz Rounds
1 – 499 $1.10 per oz $1.00 per piece $0.95 per piece $0.80 per piece Pay in Silver
(Custom Pricing)
500 – 999 $0.90 per oz $0.85 per piece $0.85 per piece $0.70 per piece Pay in Silver
(Custom Pricing)
1000 + $0.80 per oz $0.80 per piece $0.80 per piece $0.59 per piece Pay in Silver
(Custom Pricing)

STEP 1: Call 1-866-334-4279 to discuss the silver you want converted

When you call us we will need to know:

  • What type of .999 fine silver you have (Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, A-Mark, Generic Silver, etc…).
  • How many ounces of silver you are converting.
  • In which Design(s) you want your silver minted.

The price for converting 1000+ troy ounces of .999 fine silver is 80¢ per round. That price will differ with smaller amounts of silver. For your convenience we offer the option to pay the minting fees in silver; this means we will send you the converted bullion after subtracting the equivalent minting value in silver. After we gather the necessary information we will send you an email confirmation. We do require a minimum of 100 troy ounces when converting silver. We have recently changed our policy to where there is NO MINIMUM amount of silver required.

STEP 2: Package and Ship your silver to us

After speaking with us over the phone and receiving your email confirmation, carefully package the silver in a box so that there is no movement of the silver item(s) that might cause damage to the package in transit. In the package you will need to include a printed copy of the email confirmation, and all of the silver listed on that form. You will then ship the package to the following address:

222 W. Center St #1543 Orem, UT 84059-1543. Please click here to download and print this packing slip to include in your package.

STEP 3: Receive you Converted Bullion in the Mail

Once the silver is mailed, reply to the Email Confirmation with the tracking information of the package. When the package arrives, we will open it under video surveillance to ensure that each item is included. Tests will be done on the bullion items to ensure that they are legitimate in purity and weight (If any items do not pass these tests they will be sent back to you and in no way is QSB liable for any damages to the items during tests). Once testing is complete, we will mint your silver into the Quality Silver Bullion products that you requested and ship them back to you. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the time we receive your bullion until it is converted and shipped.


If you have questions regarding this process, please call us at 1-866-334-4279. We will do our best to assist you!