Quality Silver Bullion
SILVER: $24.17
GOLD: $2,020.06
SILVER: $24.17
GOLD: $2,020.06

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One question we get all of the time is, “Is silver (or gold) going to go up or down?” Here at QSB, we have a Crystal Ball that will always predict the correct and most accurate answer to this question, and we want to share that answer with you.

Click on the Crystal Ball below to see our prediction.

Didn’t work for you? Well, that’s because our Crystal Ball is also broken.

So, how do we answer this question that we get asked so often? That’s simple: our answer is, “Yes. Silver (or gold) is going to go up or down.”

Market conditions and various factors such as supply and demand, economic conditions, geopolitical events, currency movements, and investor sentiment can influence the price of silver, causing the price to rise and fall. Between 2013 and 2023, silver price has been as low as $11.94, and as high as $29.14. Gold has seen a low of $1050.60, and a high of $2063.20. If you were to consult charts from previous years, you would also see the price rise and fall from a few cents to several dollars over short periods of time.

As a sign in our building says: “Don’t wait to buy gold and silver. Buy gold and silver and wait.” You may only have to wait a short time until your metal value increases, or you may have to wait several years, but it will change. If you do figure out how to predict what the next trend is going to be, please clue us in on the secret. We can’t guarantee we will all continue to work here when we make our millions off of our predictions, but we can guarantee we will all be a lot happier with this information.

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